All about C.V.Anand

Mr.C.V.Anand was fanatical to play cricket for India and dedicated most of the time to fulfill his dream. But he resigned from competitive cricket to play a different Challenging game. Only the bat exchanged hands with the baton as he joined services to become a police officer.

C.V.Anand was born to a middle class family in Hyderabad.He finished his schooling in Vidyaranya High School, Saifabad.He started playing cricket while pursuing his Intermediate and represented many inter-college tournaments proving his prowess as an all- rounder. During his graduation in commerce at Nizam college he was completely in the competitive cricket playing inter-university tournaments and represented CK nayudu trophy.He was part of the Under-19 Indian cricket team that toured England.

He won many prizes in Athletics through out his student career and was part of the team that won the National Inter-College Basketball championship. He was intelligent and had big dreams.He was a combative cricketer who knew his role in the team and performed many times beyond what was expected of him. He might have shaped his character through the games he played. Keeping busy himself in various activities made him to handle multi tasks at the very young age.

Later his cricketing career failed to take off the way he desired it to. Mr.Anand left the competitive cricket due to many reasons. Being belong to a middle class family, it was quite difficult to take cricket as a career that looms with uncertainity, he says. "CV was dropped due to biased selection processes and it irked me no end. I told the Director of Physical education Ranga Rao who was as much the culprit as Selectors, that such a bad selection was not acceptable to me and I would not play. I felt really bad for CV and now losing his place due to bad selection was not simply acceptable." says one of his team mates. Mr.C.V.Anand gave up competitive cricket and joined the Osmania University to do his MA in Economics.

A New Turn

Anand chose a different ground to play after implementing a valuable advise which was emerged from true love ....... who has become his wife now advised him to take up IPS.Then he sat for civils and qualified to Indian Police Service at the very young age of 22 in his very first attempt. Mr.Anand took up public Administraion and Anthropology subjects as optionals for the Civil Services Examination.

As an IPS officer he excelled himself in all the aspects of Policing.He never failed or shied away from executing duties.Mr.Anand was well known for his exploits as courageous cop in various naxal zone areas where he turned the tide with his men in several daring raids on extremists. He brought many innovative reforms in the department and most of his projects are first of the kind in India. He had an impressive track record in cracking various sensational cases.Anand keeps inspiring his men at work.He had received the President's Gallantry award and the Indian Police Medal for his outstanding contribution to Police Services. "A new challenge awaits for me everyday in this job and I love to face it" he said. Now he is working as Commissioner of Police Cyberabad.

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In spite of being burdened with his heavy duty as Senior Police Officer, his cricketing spirit was not vanished. He is very active in playing tennis and cricket. He is still playing the police zones meet and veteran teams. He also won the All India Singles and doubles team championship in 2004 at vizag.

He feels nearly guilty for not having enough time with his family. However, on hindsight, Anand is happy that he has done what best could have been done professionally. Both in cricket and administration he proved himself as the lead scorer.

'Cricket has taught me to take the win with the loss equally. I would never have known how to motivate a team of men in highly adverse conditions,batting against extremists in those days, if not for my cricketing days. I can see the difference between officers who have played - for example, I always lead my men in the field be it on extremists raids or regulating traffic in pouring rain. If you do not do that you cannot command the same respect from your people. It teaches you leadership, team work and people management and so much more.May it be cricket or administration, the sporting spirit within me always inspires me to lead from the front." he said.


Amazing reforms made by Mr.Anand

Mr.Anand is indeed very dedicated to his profession and his innovative approach in modifying the unfair system was always proved to be the best way.

He joined the ranks of Indian Police at the very young age and received his field training in Warangal as Assistant Superintendent of Police(trainee) and later, as ASP(rural).He worked in then naxal prone districts like Nizamabad and Adilabad where he took up a double pronged strategy to tame naxals. Apart from many encounters he led from the front, he fairly implemented the surrender, rehabilitation schemes for naxals. As a result, many of them could return to the social mainstream and offered jobs as forest guards and home guards in the department.

Later he took charge as the first DCP of the newly created central zone which falls under the jurisdiction of Hyderabad Police Commissionerate. During his tenure, he changed the traditional policing system by adapting modern technology and implemented many innovative thoughts which saved precious man power.A highly motivated cop, to him goes the credit of modernising policing by introducing fresh and innovative concepts:Lake Police,Outsourcing non-core police functions and citizen charter, to name a few.


The concept of lake policing in and around Hussain Sagar lake was introduced by Mr.Anand, which is first of its kind in India. As part of the project, an anti-suicide squad was created by recruiting expert swimmers from coastal Andhra to prevent the suicides at the lake.Soon the Hussain Sagar, once infamous as the suiciders' favourite had shed it's tag.

Wireless Surveillance of Entire Area
A high resolution camera with night vision capabilities which Anand claims first of its kind in the country had been mounted on a 55-foot tower to keep a strict vigil on the lake area and the roads abutting it.With the world's First Integrated mobile surveillance system, the Deputy Commissioner of Police- Central Zone can observe & control the camera from his office(7 km away), thus helps to monitor agitations,criminal activities, VIP convoys, traffic flow etc.,


With an objective to release precious,limited and trained police men from non-core to core duties, Mr.Anand implemented new ideas in Ramgopalpet P.S.(central zone) and all were proved their success. Typing of case diaries, reception centers and collecting of dead bodies from Hussain Sagar lake were few to name.

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Mr.C.V.Anand had an impressive track in cracking various sensational cases. He worked in CID as SP and later promoted to the rank of DIG. He investigated the Krushi Bank scam and lead the team that flew to Bangkok to extradite the bank chief Kosaraju Venkateswara rao, the scamster. Mr.Anand pursued the matter with the Thai Government, External Affairs and Interpol and finally managed to extradite the bank chief. He wrote a book on the procedures of extradition and his experience in this case. But the book is not yet published due to some legal issues involved.

Later he took charge as DIG over Eluru range. He focused his attention on corrupted Sub-Inspectors and Inspectors. A Large number of sub-inspectors and inspectors were transferred to various different places and shifting the officers in large numbers is first time in Andhra Pradesh. Many good changes happened in the range during his tenure. But within short period he was appointed as Commissioner to Vijayawada City.

As a city police chief he tried many experiments to tame history sheeters, long-standing rivalry between few political activists. Beyond warning them, he had given an opportunity to start their life all over again. The history sheeters were divided in to four categories A,B,C,D which resembles dangerous, active in anti-social activities, Inactive and rare, leading normal life respectively. Mr.Anand removed history sheets against the persons leading normal life.

"I heard lot about the anti-social elements in Vijayawada City. But here after there would be no compromise in maintaining peace in the city.Your movements will be closely monitored and if your conduct is found to be good, then we will remove sheets against you." he said addressing a counseling session for history sheeters in the city.
Apart from dealing with them softly, he cracked whip on four famous political activists(sheeters) who ignored the warning of the police and planned for group clash . The Political activists were arrested under Preventive Detention Act which forced them to stay behind the bars for three months as there is no scope for bail.

E-Challan System, Integrated Mobile Photo Album are some of the novel initiatives launched by him in Vijayawada City.

Later, Mr.Anand was posted as Enforcement director in Prohibition & Excise department. After a short span he was promoted to the rank of IG and appointed as Additional Commissioner(Traffic), Hyderabad City which is his present designation as well. Even I hate to visit the Hyderabad City and the reason is Traffic.

Mr.Anand took charge as Additional Commissioner(Traffic) in a very tough time and this veteran cricketer must score 36runs in 6 balls. As I expected, he had given his best knock in streamlining the traffic of the state capital with the minimum available resources and man power in his hands.He implemented the 3 golden E's Engineering,Education,Enforcement of Traffic management and made a remarkable change in the city.

In Engineering aspect,Mr.Anand didn't invent any new method, but he discovered the hidden ways to avoid congestion. Many routes were observed for a certain period of time and apt changes were done.

For instance some
routes were converted as one way routes, Bus bays,arranging barricades on some fly overs to prevent U-Turns, usage of old roads and improving connecting roads etc., The timings of the signals were also adjusted instantly by monitoring the density of the traffic time to time. The opening and closing timings of educational institutions, theaters existing in the same area were altered to 10-15 mins which prevented the sudden rush on roads.

The feedback received from the public regarding traffic situations in the city were examined by his team and implemented the best.

Traffic training Institute, new E-Challan System, Traffic alerts by SMS, face book page,Traffic park for childrens were some of the innovative concepts launched by Mr.C.V.Anand which are first of its kind in Andhra Pradesh.

He extended his focus on educating all sections of people. Children in most of the schools were trained every year and they were named as School Traffic Commandos. These School Traffic Commandos regulate the traffic in their school premises, guide the parents to park their vehicles in a proper manner, helps the kids to cross the roads.
Apart from that every
saturday the Traffic cops will teach the road rules in the schools. A Traffic park was also started to educate the children in a new manner. The offenders will be fined and later they will be forwarded to the traffic park at which they will be educated by short films etc.,

When Coming to the enforcement no one is spared in his supervision.Film stars, police vehicles, Government vehicles,Auto's meter tampering,illegal use of one is spared. Frequent special drives were being conducted to ensure that all the commuters follow road rules correctly. He proposed the Government to increase the amount of fines which will minimize violations. I think the proposal was accepted. Even he paid fine for wrong parking while supervising the special drive against Government Vehicles.This has sent a clear message to the people that all are equal before law.

He had given importance to the welfare of his men and every one of them is supplied with a kit consisting of rain coats, gum boots, googles capable of reflecting UV rays, Glucose, masks,water flasks and frequent health camps were being conducted.Traffic Umbrellas with a rotating chair and public addressing system helped the field level personnel to work efficiently. In the very first press meet, Mr.Anand said that he will try to increase to increase the image of the traffic police and corruption will come to an end and i felt that it was impossible. But now i changed my opinion. He proved him once again and it is visible in the comments posted by the people on facebook page. That's the Anand mantra.

Mr.Anand and his team handled lot of tasks like agitations, monitoring VIP convoys and planning traffic restrictions for special occasions and simultaneously concentrated on the 3 Golden E's of Traffic management.

He lead his team by example and top priority was assigned to do point duty right from the Additional Commissioner to the Home Guard. He is visible on roads every day and lends a hand to the home guard in discharging his duty in pouring rain.
Still I have left many good changes by Mr.C.V.Anand.


Due to his tremendous hard work and dedication in various aspects of life enabled him to achieve the best. Some of the major achievements are
  • Selected to Indian Police Service at his very young age of 22 in his very first attempt. Got cleared the most toughest exam in his first attempt.
  • Represented India U-19 cricket team that toured England.
  • Received President's Gallantry award for his dedication to service in his career.
  • In 2008, Mr.Anand received Indian Police Medal for Meditorious service.
  • He is also a good tennis player and won All India Singles & Doubles team championship in 2004 at vizag.
Won the heart of the people wherever he served.

National Police Academy appreciation to C.V.Anand

The Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy which is the home of all IPS officers, has mentioned reforms brought by C.V.Anand in the category of best practices.

Complements in academy words

"Writing of Case diaries which is a tedious task in the police department, has been made simple. The central zone police Hyderabad has experimented with the outsourcing of typing of case diaries which is probably the first of its kind in the country. The Government of Andhra Pradesh was so convinced that it came up with a government order in this regard. This outsorcing experiment has taken root in all the city police stations and with the help of computers precious man power is being saved. The brilliant head behind this scheme is Shri C.V.Anand, DCP ,Hyderabad. Go ahead, young man!"

Qualities of C.V.Anand

C.V.Anand gives top priority to the Police and Public Relations. Every day People of various sections meets him to submit their grievances on a variety of issues which also includes grievances relating to other departments and agencies I like his style of solving grievances and the way he treats the visitors impressed me a lot . He is so humble and insists the visitors to relax in their chairs even if they want to stand expressing their respect towards him.

Mr.C.V.Anand interacting with the visitors in his office

'Apt assistance for the genuine sufferers and none for the undeserved' is his agenda while solving Public Grievances. If the subject of the grievance is unfair he simply rejects that and even deliver a precise lecture to them for bringing such kind of issues to his notice.

A visitor(some sort of politician) tried to overwhelm C.V.Anand by explaining his political connections and simultaneously explaining his problem. Immediately Mr.Anand intervened and said, "Enough...It's Enough... You are here to convey your problem and I am concern about it.That's it.Your Grievance will be solved in the way it should be."

I wish to mention few more conversations happened between Mr.Anand and the visitors.But my instincts warned me to give it up.One can feel his attitude by observing him. Very frank in expressing opinions and honest.